Workstream 1 : Questionnaire Development

Workstream 1: Questionnaire Development

Workstream 1 follows standard procedures for developing a ‘needs based’ questionnaire, which are:

Phase 1: Item Generation

This will involve interviewing a sample of carers from West Yorkshire.  The people interviewed will represent a wide range of carer situations and backgrounds.  The aim of the interviews will be to help identify the types of challenges and rewards that carers are experiencing in their role. From these interviews a question pool (known as an item pool) will be formed. Where possible these questions will contain words and phrases spoken by the carers themselves during their interviews.

Phase 2: Item Refinement

In a second study another group of carers will be asked to complete the item pool questions and then, be asked to tell us about their understanding, the acceptability and the meaningfulness of the ‘items’ emerging. The item pool will be reviewed after this and refined to create a final item pool.

Phase 3: Psychometric evaluation of the item pool leading to development of an item bank and brief a Quality of Life measure

This third study will involve over 400 carers, recruited in part from another study called ‘IDEAL’  and others recruited via health and social care services. The carers will complete the final item pool from phase 2 and some other questions. Their responses will be analysed by the research team resulting in a reliable and valid item bank and a brief Quality of Life questionnaire.