Workstream 2 : Methodological Issues in Valuation

Workstream 2: Methodological Issues in Valuation

Study 1: Comparison of health state values in carers and non-carers

We will use a measure called EQ-5D  (a standardised questionnaire for use as a measure of health outcome) to establish whether carers think about health in the same way as the general public, or whether they value certain aspect of health differently. A sample of carers will be matched to a sample of the general public who share similar characteristics (age, ethnicity etc).

In a second part, an online survey will be used to measure and compare how health is valued by three groups: individuals who are carers or close family members of people with dementia; individuals who are carers of people with other forms of long-standing health or social care problems; individuals from the general public.

Study 2: Calibrating Carer Quality of Life Items against the EQ5D:

We will select items from the Quality of Life measure developed in Workstream 1 and measure the responses/scores against the responses/scores from EQ-5D.  The purpose of this study will be to see how the responses to these specific questions compare.

Study 3 : Direct Valuation of the Carer Quality of Life Items:

A second online survey will be designed, using the same items in Study 2. This will then be used to create hypothetical carer profiles showing carers with different health and quality of life states. These carer profiles will be presented in pairs to a sample of carers and a sample of the general public. They will be asked to select which carer profile they prefer. This will let us know how the general population preferences compare to those of carers.