News and Updates

February 2018: Phase 3 is now completed.  All follow-ups are not completed and the final number of carers participating is 633.  Next steps are writing up of papers and preparing for the end of study event in September.  Read more in our February newsletter.

December 2017: Recruitment target of 450 reached within 14 months.  Recruitment closed end December – read more in our December newsletter.

July 2017: We have now recruited more than 400 carers to Phase 3 of our study.  Congratulations to everyone involved, we really appreciate your support !

June 2017: We are projected to reach our target number of carers by September 2017 – read more in our June newsletter.

March 2017: Click here to read our March newsletter.

February 2017: We are delighted to confirm that we have now reached over 100 recruits to phase 3 of Workstream 1 work !

January 2017: We have now finished all the interviews for the first two phases of this project.  Our final assessment will soon be ready for a UK wide distribution in phase 3.  More details on the phases can be found in the section Workstream 1. Phase 3 : Ethical approval was granted to this work in the autumn.  To date, 22 sites from across England and Wales are recruiting to the study.

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